Tintas 2000

Painting Portugal

Mission, Vision and Company Values


The Group 2000 have as mission paint, protect and colour buildings, equipments, metalic structures, furniture, with quality pioneer solutions and with the best results, promoting this way, the client’s welfare and the satisfy from the workers and business partners.


Our ambition is to become the largest and best paint and varnish group, producing the best solutions for our costumers satisfy and making the deal worth for both sides, reaching excellence results, with the pain, pride and passion from our workers.
With the ambition of doing more and better, we want to expand through new markets and segments.


- Ambition of doing more and better
- Dynamic culture
- Valorize the initiative
- Innovation
- Recognized as a quality
- Balance between income and growth


-Be proud of the job
- Maximize profit
- Develop a nice relationship in work
- Be ambitious on the goals and exceed them
- Support coworkers
- Promote the continuous improvement
- 100% costumer satisfaction
- Zero wastes
- Assume a responsible behavior according to the law
- Communicate openly and seriously with costumers, workers and with society
- Proud member of Tintas 2000
- An example to follow