Tintas 2000

Painting Portugal


Tintas 2000, as a producer and distributor of paints, varnishes, diluents and related products, has a behavior environment-friendly. 
We work every day to improve our performance on this area, the environmental impacts from our company are daily monitored and we started new measures in order to reduce their effects. 
- Wastes
The company has a wastewater treatment where all aqueous wastes are sended to. The solvent ones, are sended to an operator who regenerates them in order to be reused.  
- Atmospheric Emissions
The company has a system to guarantee the internal air’s quality, that keeps the dusts and organical compounds.

- Industrial waste
The company ensures the selective separation of industrial waste, temporary storage in a residues park and the subsequent referral to licensed entities, giving them appropriate treatment, either through its reuse when possible, or by deposition in the soil under controlled conditions.